by Marina Blitshteyn

Time and Tide

Vibrant new poetry collections

Every woman confronts the idea of age in her own way, by counting the years that breed wisdom, or acknowledging the history passed down from her foremothers. Linda Pastan’s new collection, Traveling Light (W.W. Norton, $24.95), seeks to examine the lightness of aging and the weight of the experiences we keep with us. Many of her poems are still-life capsules or associative moments, often whimsical, as Pastan tries to redefine herself and examine her place in life. In “Any Woman,” she boldly claims, “Age has nothing to do with me.” Still, there’s a longing to relive or reverse time, if only for the pleasure of re-experiencing everyday moments. These poems want to move against time but also have the capacity to enjoy being within it, if only to bake bread, share it with family, compose a poem. “In the end,” Pastan writes, “we are no more than our own stories.”

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