by Flash Rosenberg

The Wedding Photographer Tells All

“The Camera Is My Crystal Ball.”

I shoot weddings for a living. Most of my art photographer friends “moved on” to do commercial, editorial, or fashion photography. But I purposely stayed with weddings. Give me the poetry of the sentimental moment over the selling of unnecessary products any day. To me, the “news” of two people joining together is the most compelling story in the world. I marvel at marital vows because they are the only milestone declared willy-nilly before it happens.

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Weddings in a Feminist Age

The articles in this special section:

Isn’t It Ironic…

by Susan Weidman Schneider

Retro Wedding in a Feminist Age. 

A Counterproposal

by Sarah Blustain

Why white wedding madness raises her feminist hackles, and how she revealed this to her significant other.

How Elastic is Jewish Tradition

by Heidi Gralla

Rabbis have very different views on what’s indispensable in a Jewish wedding—and on what the bride may say at her own wedding!

Under the African Huppah

by Aliyah Baruchin

A do-it-yourself, interreligious, multicultural wedding.

Running the Orthodox Rabbinic Gauntlet in Israel

by Michele Chabin

How to get around the restrictive rules and regs. Plus…a Reform rabbi, Naamah Kelman, resists in Jerusalem.

The Wedding Photographer Tells All

by Flash Rosenberg

Studying lovers for hours while she shoots their weddings gives her visual insights into what holds marriages (and families) together.