by Claire E. Sufrin

Still Jewish?

How gender plays out in Intermarriage

In Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America (New York University Press, $39), Keren McGinity argues that while for the most part American Jewish women married to non- Jewish men have always maintained some connections to the Jewish community, since the 1960s intermarried women have remained actively Jewish at ever-increasing levels. In doing so, McGinity offers a rejoinder to those who believe that intermarrying Jews cut themselves off from their community and thus that increasing rates of intermarriage will cause the eventual death of the Jewish people. Instead, as she shows, intermarriage and childbearing can actually lead Jewish women to increase their ties to the community and to pursue further Jewish involvement and education for themselves and their children. She thus adds a new perspective to research about intermarriage and its effects on the Jewish community.

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