by Tammy Hepps

Sibling Rivalry and Revelry

Two anthologies tell all

As I begin this review, my younger sister is exactly three weeks from the due date for her second child, who will be the younger sister of my two-year-old niece. A few weeks ago she overcame her superstitions sufficiently to start preparing her daughter for the new arrival. “What happens when the baby comes to Marlow’s house?” she asked her just last week. “Marlow open the door! Marlow says hi! Baby play with Marlow’s books and toys!” Indeed, if this second generation of girls is anything like the first, books, toys, and imagination will turn them, too, from siblings into sisters. Most likely, as with my own sister, the road will not always be a smooth one. Two recently published anthologies, Sisters: An Anthology edited by Jan Freeman, Emily Wojcik, and Deborah Bull (Paris Press, $20.95) and Freud’s Blind Spot, edited by Elisa Albert (Free Press, $15) collectively gave me more than 60 poems, essays, and short stories through which to channel my own efforts to understand retroactively my and my sister’s journeys.

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