by Melanie Weiss

Selling Women

Human trafficking—transporting of people against their will for sexual exploitation—is an evil being committed in our own backyards, as liana Kramer reported in “Modern-Day Sex Slaves,” Spring 2006. This August, in an upper-crust neighborhood in Washington, D.C., an Asian sex-slave ring was broken up. And in New York, the NYPD announced in August the arrest of 31 people in connection with an international prostitution ring. At the same time, ‘ the New York State legislature has been working form a different angle, trying to make trafficking a legal as well as a moral offence. Although there are laws on the books criminalizing prostitution, assault and coercion, there are no comprehensive statutes that tackle trafficking head on. Assemblyperson Jeffrey Dinowitz (D.) said that a proposed bill “will set severe penalties for those engaged in human trafficking, whether it’s sexual servitude or labor servitude.” In addition, the bill would help provide services to the victims.

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