fiction by Batya Swift Yasgur


Healing : A survivor' s guilt becomes peace 

“A simple procedure,” said the surgeon, tapping his pipe against the onyx ashtray. “Entirely routine.” He unscrewed the pipe, shaking out its charred contents. “What does it involve?” The young woman uncrossed and recrossed her legs. Dr. Simpson refilled his pipe as he talked. “When you fell on the ice, you injured the blood vessels in your knee and they leaked onto the joint. It’s called hemarthrosis.

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Is Our Suffering Transformative?

The articles in this special section:

Broken Tablets/ Scattered Light

by Tamara M. Green

"Everywhere I read that we are created in God’s image. What about me? Does God also walk with crutches, have difficulty breathing? Why did God do such a lousy job with my body?" One professor asks the questions; Rachel Naomi Remen and Rabbi Shoni Labovitz offer partial answers.

Bathing Pearl

fiction by Shelly R. Fredman

Eldercare: A granddaughter moves from hostility to love.

How Did They Get Into Her Womb?

by Sarah Blustain

Judith Helfand lost her reproductive system at 25 thanks to the "wonder drug" her mother took while pregnant. As "A Healthy Baby Girl"—Helfand’s startling film about being a DES daughter—heads to the Sundance Festival, Helfand talks about her mom, her politics and the community of filmmakers who’ve helped her heal.


fiction by Batya Swift Yasgur

Healing : A survivor' s guilt becomes peace