Judy Gerstel interviews Karyn Freedman

Rape & Recovery

Karyn Freedman tells Judy Gerstel about the memoir of sexual violence that has students and all of Canada listening.

Karen, your book, One Hour in Paris: A Story of Rape and Recovery, is an intimate and detailed account of the sexual attack and violence you experienced as a 22-year-old backpacking in Europe in 1990. It’s chilling and, paradoxically, also a heartening read. You describe both the harrowing attack — by a stranger at knife-point — and also unspool the slow process of recovery from this assault. What made you decide to write about it 25 years later?

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The Courage to Speak Out

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Rape & Recovery

Judy Gerstel interviews Karyn Freedman

“I wrote about my own violent rape in defiance against victim-blaming.” Freedman’s memoir, One Hour in Paris: A Story of Rape and Recovery, has Canada confronting sexual violence.

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