Three Women Appropriate its Power

Men have had 3000 years or so to match up Jewish rituals with their felt needs, whereas we women are still babes in the woods. Here is a simple three-part recipe for experiencing holiness, hi these pages, three women model for LILITH readers what it means to (1) begin one’s spiritual path with a visceral moment: Gee, I need to do something with this placenta; whoa, I’m not ready, after a year of saying kaddish, to stop praying every day; yipes, who could have guessed that breastfeeding would turn out to be a profound religious experience?

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The articles in this special section:

Bound for Glory: Females in Phylacteries

by Ruth Horowitz

How an otherwise non-religious woman finds herself transformed by tefillin 

A Quiet Ritual for Burying the Baby’s Placenta

by Catherine Grossman

When the time feels just right, Grossman goes modestly out into the chill evening air and says a prayer to honor the tissues which sustained her baby daughter in the womb.

Nursing in Shul

by Aurora Mendelsohn

Mendelsohn gives us traditional Jewish texts we’ve never really considered before, all about breasts and their natural uses. Plus…Rabbi Susan Schnur in conversation with Susan Weidman Schneider on God-the-Breast and more.