by Eetta Prince-Gibson

Politics ’92

Israel: This Time More Women in the Knesset

Eleven of the 120 new Knesset members are women; a sign to Israeli feminists that women have scored real successes in the ’92 elections. Although the number may not seem substantial, there were only eight women in the previous Knesset; women’s representation has increased by almost 40%. Close to 40 women, representatives of 20 parties, competed in the country-wide elections. The eleven elected women come from five parties. Ten of them represent the four largest parties, and two have been appointed Cabinet Ministers. Leslie Sacks, Spokes woman for The Israel Women’s Network, umbrella organization for diverse women’s groups, comments that in Israel, “never before have so many women been so close to the real centers of political power, where they can make decisions that will really affect the lives of women.”

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