by Shala Erlich

Our Bodies Ourselves

A Book by Women

The classic women’s health bookOur Bodies, Ourselves, now in its 35th anniversary edition, has gotten into the hands—and minds—of millions of women. The book, which has sold four million copies and been translated into 18 languages and Braille, is a very old friend of mine. OBOS has been a lively, wise mentor through the curiosity of my adolescence, a confidante during my first anticipations and experiences of sex, and a spur for my earliest twinges of feminist consciousness. OBOS was the source of ideas I found myself latching onto in medical school, and the litmus test for good docs in my own experiences as a patient. This book, originally emblazoned with the subtitle “by and for women,” has felt like a whole community at my side, connecting my personal pleasures, angers, and questions with the lives of other women, and giving them a larger social and political context.

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