by Wendy Wisner

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As a poet and a mother to a young child, I’m always looking to read the works of other “poet-moms.” So I was thrilled to delve into Erika Meitner’s second book, Ideal Cities (Harper Perennial, $13.99), a National Poetry Series winner. The book was written when Meitner’s son was an infant, and the poems have that dreamy, awestruck feel. In “The Upstairs Notebook,” Meitner writes about how she balances poem-making with baby care. She has two writing notebooks, one upstairs and one downstairs, so that she can jot down a line or two wherever she is. Meitner writes with characteristic tenderness: “In my downstairs notebook I also try / to write about the way it feels to walk / with my son strapped to my body, / his wet mouth suctioned to the space / between my breasts.”

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