Money and Meaning

Money and Meaning

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Cliques and Class in Hebrew School

Shayna Goodman

Teaching wealthy kids shocks Goodman back to the longing, exclusion and shame of her own school days.

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Fiction: The Proper Care of Silver

Emily Franklin

Social class and gender roles are at play in keeping the house clean.

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Who Can Pay for an Abortion?

Chanel Dubofsky

Our ideal of reproductive justice rests on a shaky pedestal. Abortion funds are bridging an unsteady present and a frightening future.

In Med School Before Roe v. Wade

Julie R. Ingelfinger, M.D.

She was a young nursing student whose name and face I still remember five decades later, but I will just call her “Jane Roe.”

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A Rosenberg by Any Other Name

Kirsten Fermaglich

In the 20th century, many women changed their Jewish-sounding surnames to avoid workplace anti-Semitism and to get a job. What was gained --and what was forfeited?