Money and Meaning

Money and Meaning

The articles in this special section:

Cliques and Class in Hebrew School

Shayna Goodman

Teaching wealthy kids shocks Goodman back to the longing, exclusion and shame of her own school days.

Fiction: The Proper Care of Silver

Emily Franklin

Social class and gender roles are at play in keeping the house clean.

Who Can Pay for an Abortion?

Chanel Dubofsky

Our ideal of reproductive justice rests on a shaky pedestal. Abortion funds are bridging an unsteady present and a frightening future.

In Med School Before Roe v. Wade

Julie R. Ingelfinger, M.D.

She was a young nursing student whose name and face I still remember five decades later, but I will just call her “Jane Roe.”

A Rosenberg by Any Other Name

Kirsten Fermaglich

In the 20th century, many women changed their Jewish-sounding surnames to avoid workplace anti-Semitism and to get a job. What was gained --and what was forfeited?