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Sarah Blustain

#MeToo in the Media

How Should We Understand the Stories We Read? Sarah Blustain Has Suggestions.

The hashtag #MeToo has spurred people of goodwill to circulate a powerful injunction: “Believe Women.” It’s a course correction for ages-old legal and journalistic systems in which claims of sexual harassment and assault routinely fell apart facing an impossible burden of proof. 

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#MeToo Right Now

The articles in this special section:
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The Hazards of Working in the Jewish Community

Sarah Seltzer

Sarah Seltzer asks Hannah Dreyfus how she exposed inappropriate behaviors by powerful men.

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#MeToo in the Media

Sarah Blustain

Sarah Blustain, who investigated sexual misconduct by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach two decades ago, tells you what to look out for when reading a #MeToo report.

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Child Molestation: How Lilith Reported the Story

Alice Sparberg Alexiou

Alice Sparberg Alexiou on girls' accounts of abuse at the hands of their Jewish pediatrician; how journalism helps change laws.

  • http://www.carlebachbook.com Dr. Natan Ophir

    A very thoughtful and important analysis. Thank you very much Sarah for posting this.