by Melanie Weiss

Jews Everywhere, Now on Film

A documentary film company run by Ellen Friedland sees its mission as documenting “unfolding” Jewish stories, and turning them into “educational programs on Jewish culture around the world.” Since 1997, JEMGLO (Jewish Education Multimedia Global Learning Outreach) has been making films on everything from Swiss Jewry’s attempt to deal with its own WWII history to a special Israeli/Palestinian coexistence school to the story of unusual coffee. This last documentary, finished in 2008, focuses on the Mirembe Kawomera (“delicious peace”) organic coffee cooperative in Uganda, which brings together over 500 farmers — Christians, Muslims and Abayudayah Jews — to cultivate Fair Trade beans that are distributed in the United States by Thanksgiving Coffee. Working for Jewish culture both on and off the screen, JEMGLO also supports the Simcha Jewish Culture Festival in Wroclaw, Poland, known for fostering current Polish-Jewish works and creative endeavors.

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