by Natasha Rosenstock

Jewish…with a Problem

Halves: Half, and have not

It was the night before my twenty-second birthday. I’d come to the “coffeehouse” night at the Orthodox synagogue in Washington, where I’d been attending services for a few months. I was proud to be asking Rabbi Barry Freundel of Kasher Israel in Georgetown how to kasher (make kosher) my kitchen. Instead, I found myself on an island of shock in the middle of the noisy kiddush room, the chatter of learning all around me, while I struggled to hold back tears of shame. I’d just been told I wasn’t Jewish.

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Half, Whole, Holy

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Jewish…with a Problem

by Natasha Rosenstock

What’s a twentysomething newly religious woman to do when she find out that her own mother’s conversion wasn’t kosher enough?


by Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow

She says that she isn’t missing a thing, and that her ability to live in two worlds is shared by more and more of her peers.

Wearing the Pants in Shul

by Rachel Barenblat

Married to a non-Jew, she’s the expert on ritual, law, and Hebrew pronunciation.