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Jewish & Feminist, on Campus

In April, Hillel of Columbia University and Barnard College hosted its first-ever Jewish Feminism week, organized by the non-denominational group Jewish Women on Campus. The group also organized a campaign encouraging students to post images showing “what a Jewish feminist looks like.” Here, some quotes and images from the group’s Facebook page, reproduced with the original punctuation:

“I am a zionist, orthodox Jewish feminist and I need Jewish feminism because my religion empowers and supports me as a woman and as a member of society —despite what you may think.” –Julie Tauber

“I am a pro two state reform Jewish feminist and I need Jewish feminism because each of these parts of my identity help to inform, shape, and challenge the other.” –Emily Klein

“I am a queer anti-zionist Jewish feminist and I need Jewish feminism to dismantle systems of oppression and practice tikkun olam.” –Maddy Popkin

“I need Jewish feminism because it empowers me to have a voice in the way I practice Judaism and in the way I engage with the world.” –Deborah Pollack

and at the end of all these, this slogan appeared:

“We love each other. We respect each other. We disagree with each other.”