by Susan Schnur

Jewish Daughters and Fathers

From Silence to Speech

It is amazing how often LILITH receives, over the transom, manuscripts by daughters about their fathers. It’s a theme that, if we actually counted such things, probably appears far less than “Bubble and Me” does, but far more than “Mom and Me.” What’s more, most of these father stories speak, sad to say, of a wish: a wish that Dad be more communicative, a wish that Dad had been more supportive and proud, a wish that Dad was more capable of giving us love we could understand.

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Jewish Daughters and Fathers

The articles in this special section:

Tetiev, My Dad, and Cyberspace

by Gail Todd

Gail Todd reconstructs her father’s lost world, cracking the silence a pogrom begat.

Prayer Making

poetry by Shari Berkowitz

Finally “I Love You”

by Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper moves past a dad’s nastiness to understand that she can honor him and still be true to herself.

A Feygele Zingt [A Daughter Sings]

by Faye Kellerstein

Faye Kellerstein on how, despite sexist strictures, an Orthodox daughter becomes her father’s voice.

Grandfather’s Voice

poetry by Marcella Fleischman Pixley

Empty Lots

poetry by Cassandra Sagan Bell