by Naomi Danis

Israeli & Palestinian Parents Grieve Together

A combination of profoundly sobering and oxymoronically encouraging remarks came directly from their heavy hearts: Amiram Goldin, project manager for a joint Arab-Israeli industrial park in the Galilee lost his 20-year-old son in a suicide bus bombing in August 2002. Dr. Rahib Essawi, a Palestinian academic who teaches at Al Quds University (Jerusalem) lost her mother, a brother, and 17-year-old nephew in the conflict. Yitzhak Frankenthal is an Orthodox Jew whose 19-year old son, an Israeli soldier, was killed by Hamas militants in 1995. They shared their personal stories at a Manhattan synagogue in October, as part of the Bereaved Parents Circle (, a group of Israeli and Palestinian families who have lost children or other relatives in the Middle East conflict, yet are working together to keep communication open between the two sides. Their goal is to give peace a chance.

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