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Required Reading

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 3.30.34 PMFlow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation, by Elissa Stein, offers a history of Jewish views, and some new perspectives.

 It’s Only Blood: Shattering the Taboo of Menstruation, by Anna Dahlqvist and Alice Olsson. Every day 800,000,000 people menstruate; why and how people around the world are now fighting back against stigma.

 Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You, by Maisie Hill, bills itself as a guide for dealing with PMS, periods, and such.

 My Little Red Book, edited by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, is a collection of personal essays.

 New Blood: Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation, by Chris Bobel. An ethnographic exploration of cultural shifts surrounding periods.

Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement, by Nadya Okamoto, presents a call to action to destigmatize menstruation.

Periods Gone Public: Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity by Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, explores “menstrual justice” work.

Period Positivity

The articles in this special section:

Like Toilet Paper, Free Tampons in Every Restroom!

Sarah Groustra

Sarah Groustra on how her high-scool journalism led to free tampons in the town's bathrooms.

Comic by Rebecca Katz

Period Talk

Chanel Dubofksy

Chanel Dubofsky on period-tracking apps, unsettling performance art, a new take on mikvah, and wiping away stigma and rusty taboos.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 3.30.34 PM

Required Reading

More suggested reading about periods.