by Susan Schnur

How Being a Jew & Being a Feminist Collide, Co-Evolve, Cohabit in 7 Women’s Lives

On these pages, seven Jewish women talk to Lilith about their journeys, as feminists and as Jews, on the occasion of Lilith’s 35th anniversary. They share mash-up moments of identity coalescence: catapulting into kashrut in solidarity with refuseniks after a visit to the U.S.S.R.; celebrating being “the last kaiser roll in the bodega” (a still-single Jewish hotty in a multicultural ‘hood); choosing to get tattooed with a totemic Deuteronomic verse. Some women take a narrow lens to their Jewish-female identities and feel no particular struggle. Others are on the ramparts, reminding us that there’s still so much that is not egalitarian in Jewish life.

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Diane Balser, 68, talks to Susan Schnur

Her Lifelong Feminist-Jewish Politics

Mimi Arbeit, 26, Doctoral Student in Child Development

Her feminist-Jewish sex education

Enid Schatz, 40, Assistant Professor in Women’s Studies

Her feminist-jewish-interracial-interfaith family

Jane Eisner, 56, Editor of the Forward Newspaper

Her feminist-Jewish all-of-a piece finally

Ronit Sherwin, 39, Executive Director, Hillel

Her feminist-Jewish-Orthodox-single motherhood