Rebecca Brill

Holocaust Games at Summer Camp

Competitive Consequential Taboo

Julie Klausner and Natasha Lyonne are mere seconds into their podcast “How Was Your Week?” interview and already they’re on the Holocaust. It starts when Klausner, a comedian and the podcast’s host, compliments Lyonne on her ring. “I am transfixed,” Klausner gushes. “Is there an eye? ’Cause it looks like the evil eye from here.” Like my mother and late grandmother muttering “kinayn hora” under their breaths at the Shabbos table, Klausner, a Holocaust Girl, can’t help but bring up the evil eye. Lyonne tells Klausner that her speculation is wrong, that the ring’s ornament is simply a group of stones, but Klausner’s suspicion of evil turns out to be warranted: the ring belonged to Lyonne’s grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor. 

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