compiled by Naomi Danis


Where to go for what if you're Jewish and female

Myra Sadker Day, March 5,1998, will initiate a national effort by a corps of volunteers, to break the gender barriers that inhibit both females and males. Myra Pollack Sadker (1943-1995) pioneered much of the research documenting gender bias in American education from elementary through graduate school. A list of more than 101 suggestions such as “tryan activity that is non-traditional for your gender; study how religion and gender intersect in your life; award a scholarship; visit a women’s college; take youngsters to a women’s athletic event” is free from Myra Sadker Advocates for Gender Equity; 1401 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20952; (301)738-7113; fax 301-424-0474; DSadker@aoL com

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