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Jewish spiritual companion for medical treatments
Here’s where you’ll discover an upsherin ritual (hair-cutting ceremony) in anticipation of hair loss due to chemotherapy, created by Ann Brener, or Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin’s adaptation of the prayer for dew to use before receiving a healing intravenous drip of chemotherapy. These and other first-person stories, suggestions, rituals, prayers and interpretations — wisdom learned the hard way, through challenging personal experience — are offered here as inspiring resources for patients, their friends and family, clergy and health care professionals. This 60-page book includes contributions from Rabbis Stephanie Dickstein, Ed Feinstein, Amy Eilberg, Naomi Levy, Simkha Weintraub, along with writings by Judy Marcus, Debbie Perlman, Rachel Naomi Remen, and others. It’s a collaboration between the Twin Cities Jewish Healing Program and the National Center for Jewish Healing, a program of New York’s Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. $12.95 plus $2.75 shipping from

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