From the Editor

by Susan Weidman Schneider

Last month, after I’d agreed to give a talk to a Jewish women’s group about changes Jewish women face in the 90’s (or something like that), I began to look through my file drawer marked “speeches.” The labels on the folders ranged from “J Superwoman” and “J women and J men” through “intermarriage,” “abortion rights,” “campus crises” and “Philanthropy ’92.” In each folder I found typed notes, scraps of papers with brilliant ideas scrawled illegibly on them, and lots of insights I had forgotten I’d had and was perfectly willing to recycle. Which caused me some alarm. Were the same ideas I’d had eight or more years ago still sounding fresh to me? Had women made so little impact on the Jewish community, and on society as a whole that my analyses of the female condition appeared timeless?

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