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Women give money to change things for the better. Here's your chance.

This season we mourn the passing of Bella Abzug (1920-1998), Congresswoman, candidate for U.S. Senate and Mayor of New York City, creator of WEDO, an organization devoted to putting women on the worldwide political agenda (see p. 46). But Bella played a special role for Jewish women that wasn’t mentioned in the standard obits. Each time her views appeared in LILITH, her refreshing astringency and reassuring power affirmed Jewish women’s rightful place in every decision-making process. In particular, I recall her telling a group of women convened to talk about peace in the Middle East that “We women, from both sides, should sit around a conference table and get the peace process going. Then we can get up and let men occupy our seats at the table, after we have modeled for them what a dialogue really is.” And she meant it.

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