From the Editor

Abortion Rights, Abortion Access: Lessons in Empathy

I spend a lot of time on college campuses, speaking with students about what worries or provokes them. Sooner or later we get to the persistent stereotyping of Jews, especially Jewish women (still prevalent. believe it or not, on a lot of campuses). And we almost always talk about definitions of feminism and fear of feminism (still a problem, believe it or not; you can read what high schoolers say on this subject on page 18 in this issue). Students I meet with ruminate, much more realistically than in years past, about gender inequality in the workplace, about how to combine work with childbearing (only the females raise this issue), about the glass ceiling, the concrete ceiling and, as one rabbinical student put it, the stained-glass ceiling (not completely shattered yet, believe it or not).

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