From the Editor

Susan Weidman Schneider on women taking charge of rituals and our bodies.

You can hardly believe it. Huge ads on the outside of Washington D.C. buses proclaim “DC Doin’ It” alongside a photo of a sexy-looking couple nuzzling and the bold proclamation that for both male and female partners, the new female condom is designed to “tease, please and protect.” The thrust (forgive me) of this bold and innovative campaign to protect women from getting AIDS is on pleasure rather than panic, with the “protection” benefits mentioned but not underscored. The campaign, run by the D.C. Department of Health and an AIDS coalition, plus a pharmacy chain, wants to empower women to take charge of their sexual behavior and its consequences, with vivid descriptions of the “fc2” condom in full public view. I was stunned, and I read the bus ads every time I saw them last month. (You can check them out at

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