by Mimi Nichter

Fat Talk

THE QUOTE ABOVE, WHICH IS from one of the interviews I conducted for my book Fat Talk: What Girls and their Parents Say about Dieting reminds me of my own childhood, growing up in a Jewish home in Brooklyn with a mother who was always either actively dieting or searching for dieting tips in the pages of Ladies Home Journal or Good Housekeeping.

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Fat Talk

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Fat is Still a Feminist Issue: Susie Orbach in Israel

by Barbara Gingold

The body itself, Orbach maintains, is a woman's form of language. Tier investigations of the unconscious reveal a host of symbolic meanings in body shape and size, in the way people eat or refrain. Despite rank social prejudice against obesity, the female unconscious may equate fat "with power, with presence, with a demand to be seen...A way to keep private vulnerabilities hidden while requesting acceptance for who one is. It is about an attempt to give to self."