by Susan Schnur

D-I-Y Parenthood

Radical single-parenting by choice, deliberative half-time mothering, cross-continental spuncling. What’s up with “family”?

The majority of Jewish women, myself included, marry men and beget joint biological children. We live within the safety — and anesthetic — of cultural norms, so thinking about alternative ways we might parent or partner rarely occurs to us. We don’t, for example, ponder the following:

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D-I-Y Parenthood

The articles in this special section:

Breaking the Norms Confidently

by Susan Schnur

How one mother, with a series of female lovers, two rabbinic sperm donors, two adoptions and one gay parenting partner, raises five exceptional kids.

Customizing Motherhood

Jenifer Firestone interviewed by Susan Schnur

Susan Shnur talks with Jenifer Firestone, a kind-of-single mother, who, with exceeding clarity, chooses tribal parenting.

Express Male: When Sperm Donation Gets Emotional

by Avi Levinson*

This sperm donor’s story starts with a phone call and ends with a marriage.