by Melanie Weiss

Call to Justice

A compendium of righteous indignation

If you’re already holding Lilith in your hands, the idea that Judaism is compatible with progressive social action will probably not surprise you. But even you may feel overwhelmed — and excited — by the sheer multitude of voices that come forth from Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice (Jewish Lights, $24.99), a new volume edited by Rabbi Or Rose, Jo Ellen Green Kaiser and Margie Klein. This book, a veritable Who’s Who of current Jewish progressivism, contains 40 concise articles on a wide variety of issues, both global and focused more within the Jewish community. (It also includes a strong introduction by Rabbi David Ellenson, who mentions Abraham Joshua Heschel’s work in civil rights, the spirit of which seems to hover over — and sometimes within — many of these accounts.)

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