Boomers & Bat Mitzvahs

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Boomers & Bat Mitzvahs

The articles in this special section:

Bat Mitzvah in the 90’s

by Vivienne Kramer

It used to be about being "as good as the guys." Today it’s an exhilarating opportunity to improve on tradition. Here’s a spot check of some wonderful celebrations. Plus, doing it at summer camp or in the Rockies, transforming Bubbe and Grandpa, and a list of invaluable resources.

In One Family, the Intergenerational Saga of the Bat Mitzvah Dress

by Nechama Liss-Levinson

A mother and daughter come to understand that part of this rite of passage is a WHOLE exceptional day together. A solution in search of a problem.

Bat Mitzvah / Bar Mitzvah

by Judy Davis

A family therapist—-the reigning expert on this simcha—-gives us broader ways to appreciate this year of under-acknowledged growth and crisis, especially for us mothers.