by Melanie Weiss

Biblical Women’s Stories, Told on a Fiddle

What do biblical women’s stories, klezmer-punk with a side order of bluegrass and Central America have in common? Alicia Jo Rabins, whose well-deserved personal tagline is “fiddler extraordinaire.” Rabins, perhaps best known in Jewish circles for her fast fiddling with the band Golem, popular for their unique klezmer-punk fusions, has recently launched a new project: Girls in Trouble. The group’s first album, due out the day after Yom Kippur in 2009 (and put out by Jdub, the same label that carries Golem), will hopefully carry on with Rabins’s work so far: exploring the lives and stories of biblical women. The preview tracks available online are lovely, with Rabins’s clarionclear strings underlying melodic vocals, strong percussive beats, and lyrics that seem strangely familiar — these women, for all their unique experiences, could be women from our own day.

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