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Are Ashkenazi Jews White?

“You may not feel white, but that doesn’t take away the privilege. In America, race is not a choice. It’s assigned.”

NYLAH BURTON, “White Jews, Stop Calling Yourselves White-Passing,” Forward, July 2, 2018.

  • Rose

    That is completely wrong. I may appear “white” but my DNA says I am “Ashkenazi Jewish”. “White” is too complicated to simply dismiss easily, and the amount of anti-semitism I have faced in my life is defiantly something I wouldn’t have had to deal with if I wasn’t Jewish, and just a normal “white” person. Most of my family was murdered in the Holocaust, would they have been if they were just “white”. You are simplifying and extremely complex idea of race to the point where it is insulting to a lot of people.