by Gil Kezwer

Adler V. The Queen: 5 Parents Sue Ontario

The 10,000 students of Ontario’s 25 Jewish day schools returned to school this year knowing that five Toronto parents are leading a three decade struggle to win public funding for private denominational schools. The five, in conjunction with the Ontario Jewish Association for Equity in Education, are asking that the province fund the secular curriculum in Ontario’s 500 private schools of all faiths—Jewish, Protestant, Mennonite—just as it presently does for Roman Catholics. In July of 1994, the Court of Appeal in Ontario (the wealthiest and most populous of Canada’s 10 provinces) found that the provincial government’s refusal to fund denominational schools other than the Roman Catholic separate school system is constitutional. With $170 million in government funding at stake (Ontario’s education budget currently totals $8 billion), the five parents have filed leave to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada— the country’s final arbiter of justice.

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