by Ilana Kurshan

A Novel of the Street of Ghosts

Three Americans in Jerusalem

Wherever You Go, a new novel by Joan Leegant (Norton, $23.95), offers a vivid and accurate depiction of Anglo Jerusalem, particularly the diverse group of Americans who pass through the city or make it their home. In alternating chapters, Leegant focuses on three characters: Yona Stern is a 30-year-old American who comes to Israel to try to make amends with her older sister Dena, a zealous and uncompromising mother of five who lives in a West Bank settlement. Then there is Mark Greenglass, a teacher of Jewish studies undergoing a crisis of faith as he splits his time between Jerusalem (where he lives) and New York (where he earns most of his money). And finally, Aaron Blinder is an unstable college dropout involved in Adamah, an organization housed on a former kibbutz, whose members are united by their conviction that, “there was no line, green, blue, purple, or any other color, because the land was all theirs.”

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