by Rabbi Susan Schnur

A Foretaste of the Prayer Book to Come

Excerpts from Marcia Falk's complete alternative feminist prayer book (with prayers re-written in both English and Hebrew)

The coming winter will see the publication of Marcia Falk’s long-awaited alternative prayer book. The Book of Blessings [HarperSanFrancisco] which contains, in Falk’s words, “Everything a non- Orthodox Jew (male or female) is going to need for synagogue and home celebration of daily life, the Sabbath and Rosh Hodesh.” This revolutionary siddur, which rewrites both English and Hebrew (and which Falk has been working on for 13 years) is, actually, the first volume of five. Falk’s intention is to write future prayer books for the High Holidays, the major festivals, other holidays and the life cycle.

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A Foretaste of the Prayer Book to Come

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