Thanks the generous support of Charlotte Newberger, Lilith Magazine is able to publish contemporary Jewish feminist poetry year-round. Even better, once a year we host the annual Charlotte Newberger Poetry Contest. Here now, for your reading pleasure, are the first-prize winners since the contest’s inception in 2004.

Sometimes the Dead, Summer 2011
by Babo Kamel

The Fifteenth of Av, Summer 2010
by Jane Seitel

How to Braid Challah, Summer 2009
by Claudia Reder

A Modicum of Grace (For Grace Paley), Fall 2008
by Lois Roisman

Koshering, Summer 2007
by Sonya Ardan

Abba Kovner Listened, Spring 2006
by Laurie Suzanne Lessen-Reiche

Preparing for Yom Kippur, Winter 2004-2005
by Mel Patrell Furman