Lilith Magazine

Independent, Jewish & frankly feminist since 1976, Lilith magazine charts Jewish women’s lives with exuberance, rigor, affection, subversion and style. Lilith’s mission is to be the feminist change-agent in and for the Jewish community, amplifying Jewish women’s voices, creating a woman-positive Judaism, spurring gender consciousness in the Jewish world and empowering Jewish women and girls to envision and enact change in their own lives and their communities.

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What’s inside:
Bold reporting and memoir, original fiction and poetry, and a lively take on tradition, celebrations and social change.

About our name:
According to legend, Lilith was the first woman, created even before Eve. She told Adam, “We are equal because we are created from the same earth.” For more, check out “The Lilith Question” from our premier issue and this source sheet of biblical and rabbinic references to Lilith.

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Who writes for Lilith?
Writers have included established names like Cynthia Ozick, Grace Paley, Esther Perel, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Nessa Rapoport, Edith Pearlman, Linda Pastan, Blu Greenberg, Danya Ruttenberg, Allegra Goodman, Dara Horn, Myla Goldberg and more. Plus, Lilith brings you emerging writers, powerful strong new talent you’ll want to watch.

Who reads Lilith?
People who are interested in: Jewish hair, workplace fairness, circumcision, gay marriage, fashion, new liturgies, family politics, feminist philanthropy, gender justice, women’s Holocaust experience, Israel, sex, and lots of other things too.

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