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January 23, 2019 by

Stunning Photos of the Washington Women’s March #JWOCMarching Bloc

This year’s Women’s March was beset by months of controversy over anti-Semitism, alliances and dueling marches. In the end, in defiance of the infighting, a group of Jewish Women of Color led the Washington, D.C. march under the banner #JWOCMarching.

Lilith photographer Joan Roth was in the streets of DC, photographing the group and others at an early a.m. Shabbat service, followed by the march and rally. 


L1610393L1004093 copy L1620046 L1610990L1004029 L1620609L1620846 L1620276 L1610822 L1620463 L1620241

 L1610818All photos by Joan Roth

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