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November 17, 2016 by

About Your Boy Donald: An Open Letter to Melania Trump

donald-trump-1274400_640Dear Melania Trump:

Here at World Is Watching High, the U.S. campus had an election. One candidate, who happened to be a girl, won the popularity contest. She didn’t want to be popular. She wanted to be President.

Strange how that worked out, since the school’s newspapers made sure everyone understood how very unpopular she was. She wasn’t a perfect candidate by any stretch of the imagination, but your boy’s henchmen and henchwomen showed no mercy. She was subjected to hacked emails, association with sexting and other forms of bullying, cyber and otherwise. She might have won if your boy didn’t buddy up with Russia. Who knows? We can’t turn back the clock.

Using the system we had in place, your boy won. Since all he cared about was winning, he used whatever tactics he could get away with no matter whom they hurt and how much damage they did. Your boy is used to breaking things because he is the son of privilege. He knows he won’t get into too much trouble and that he can buy another version of whatever gets broken.

Your boy likes rallies. He likes adulation. He likes to play big man on campus and hang out with the kind of kids that like to pick on the little guy. Students like Duke, Bannon and even Club KKK, students who have been in detention for quite a while, got overly excited and their pull toward mob mentality kicked in. Your boy liked the attention and didn’t like any dissension. We are sure you know about his thin skin and anger issues. Do you check his twitter feed? Maybe you should.

During Donald’s campaign, you didn’t speak much. There was that plagiarism incident. Never a good idea. We have video and computer programs that check those things. But then there was the speech about cyber-bullying. You said it was something you cared deeply about. You noted that our culture had gotten too mean. We couldn’t agree more and your boy is stirring up some really hateful people and, since his win, things have gotten worse. Donald is still saying a lot of things, but not a word about how his mean friends are tormenting young children of all races and cultures and how they are damaging property and psyches with images like Confederate flags and swastikas.

We know that you are already a model, but now is your chance to be a role model. You said you wanted to champion an anti-cyber bullying platform. Here are five reasons you must start now:

1. Your boy has scared children — not to mention their parents – and he has also confused other children, making them believe it is acceptable to taunt anyone based upon race, religion, gender, disabilities, body type or immigrant status. It’s not enough to scold the children, because there are many parents who are acting out and modelling bad behavior. You must make a public statement against all forms of bullying now and acknowledge that your husband let the genie out of the bottle and that we are all going to pay for it, but we can also all make sure we correct course before it’s too late.

2. Everyone loves Michelle Obama — Michelle Obama had tea with you so that two mothers could talk about child safety in the White House, an environment that creates unique child-rearing challenges. What Mrs. Obama and you could do together is promote tolerance and put out a collective message that says bullying will not be tolerated. Mrs. Obama can not only teach you about child safety in the White House, but also about what it feels like to be unsafe in a white world. Black and brown Americans are most fearful right now because your boy Donald didn’t just attack immigrants, he made a point of addressing Mexicans and Muslims—never a word about Russians, Canadians and all manner of white European immigrants who are also part of the documented and undocumented make up of this country.  You know—never a word about immigrants like you.

3. Melania, you are an immigrant, you have an accent – albeit the kind of accent that Americans think is cute and don’t demean. You also have a second language. Your boy Barron speaks it. You don’t hide your cultural pride—a pride that is able to coexist with your pride in America. Allow other children the same opportunity as Barron. Allow them to be proud of being children of immigrants—Spanish speakers, as an example, with accents that aren’t grounds for derogatory comments like “go back to your country,” or “this is America, we speak English.”  The world is not monolingual and the US is filled with Americans who should be encouraged to maintain cultural ties and pride just as you have.

4. Pussy-Grabbing isn’t locker talk. That said, it turns out the phrase Institutional Racism makes more white women uncomfortable than allusions to sexual assault. Hillary may not have realized how scared white America is and how much damage the word privilege does to the white psyche. Women are used to what you called “locker talk” because white women were taught to put up with it and live in a man’s world. Now women even talk like Donald in their own lockers. The pussy grab has been normalized and women can brush it off  (at their own peril – but they can). Institutional Racism, however, is an unknown, uncomfortable idea that seems to speak of a power grabbing perspective in which white women lose their place in line. You know what I’m talking about. You’re white. You have white friends. But you also know that you have the power to do something about it, to acknowledge that we have work to do as a country and to work with Michelle Obama on a transition that demonstrates that we can all teach tolerance and equality to one another.  White women might listen and learn from you. They might stop getting so defensive. Institutional racism exists. Period. End of discussion. Our female candidate had the guts to say it. It cost her. Your boy made it OK to equate diversity with White Genocide, because that’s what David Duke is teaching.

5. To quote our female candidate – “it takes a village.” Act now Melania. Be part of the solution. Address bullying now, before you go back into your bubble. History will remember you for it.

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