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August 3, 2016 by

We’ve Got Issues—And We Want to Share Them

Lilith magazine​, turning 40 this fall,​ is moving to a lovely new office in ​two weeks. ​Please help us find an appropriate home for some of ​​our cherished back issues. (Alas, we can’t take them all with us.)

Do you teach a class that ​would enjoy having a print copy of a classic back issue? Are you part of a Lilith salon, writers group or rosh hodesh group that would appreciate these vintage issues? 

We’ll gladly send ​boxed ​magazines ​of whatever issue you choose (or tell us to choose) ​in minimum quantities of 30 ​each. Please help us by sharing this offer widely.

You can choose from these (click on the links to see the full table of contents of each issue): 

Winter 1976-77: Why did Golda Meir leave us a legacy of Zionism without feminism? The politics behind the Conservative movement’s endless debate over ordaining women rabbis. Cynthia Ozick argues brilliantly for women’s rights in Judaism. A vindication! Time to explore how I.B. Singer’s adored work is soaked through with misogyny. ​

23-1989-spring_smallSpring 1989: Family systems: ​P​ioneer therapist Olga Silverstein on life, love and Jewish identity; Harriet Lerner on sisters pressed to achieve. The hit drama “Shayna Maidel” and its fractured families. Campus life for Jewish women: our insider’s guide. Gender, politics and power in Jerusalem through the eyes of E.M. Broner, Bella Abzug and more.

Winter 2002-03: Jewish daughters and their African-American nannies tell stories of love and intimacy. Being the Catholic mother in a Jewish family. Praying for protection: sexual abuse by a Jewish father. The matronymic metamorphosis: what to name your child, and the importance of a mother’s surname. 

Spring 2002: From pushke to power suite: Jewish women​’​s philanthropy now. Transgender Jews: rituals, politics, the Talmud’s seven genders, and more. Trans Jews speak out on why finding their place matters. Deconstructing the story of Dena: a new view of the Biblical sister. Behind​ ​the myth, suicide among Israel’s founding mothers. 400 guests for Passover? A new family tradition.


Summer 2008: The pleasure of politics: Joan Roth photographs female ​political ​candidates; Gloria Feldt, Nancy Ratzan, Rachel Tiven and others declare what issues stir them up. A new ritual uses havdalah imagery to separate an autistic son from his diagnosis, making sure the congregation welcomes him. Why, at 16, an aspiring writer quit as Anzia Yezierska’s literary assistant. Yes, an Israeli guide to masturbation.

Please also browse through the back issues in the online archives where you can see the table of contents of all issues. Contact ​ to find out if we have sufficient quantity to send ​other bulk issues beyond the ones listed above.

This offer for bulk copies at no charge is a one-time offer. Thanks for your understanding and enthusiasm, and we look forward to hearing from you ASAP. Remember—the move takes place in two weeks, so the time frame for this offer is strictly limited!