What Happened When I Was Uninvited to a Yeshiva

These were my people. And they were canceling my visit. I could only conclude that the mere presence of a Jewish lesbian at their school was unacceptable to them.

Emmanuelle Mayer (right), director of “A Fish Tale” at Other Israel Film Festival, with Karin Kainer, director of “Kosher Beach” at DOC NYC. Female filmmakers from Tel Aviv, they met for the first time in New York. Kainer’s shirt reads “Sorry” in Arabic.
Photo credit: Amy Stone

Women’s Narratives on Film Create Something Far from a Feel-Good Zionist Experience

Over the eight days of the Other Israel Film Festival, we kept seeing multiple generations of women using whatever tactics work to push for change. 

Hadar's Queer Colloquium. 

Trent Campbell
Picture This Productions

A Torah of Tears: Reflecting on Torah Informed by the Lens of Queer Experience

I had a narrow vision of what Queer Torah was, which was limited to queering the characters of the Torah, essentially imposing gayness onto our ancestors, for the sake of seeing myself represented in our narratives. 

Nafisa Shtawey, left, and Naama Burstein at the Friday Women Event

Fridays with Women: Shishi Nashim

Shishi Nashim–“Friday Women”–is the joint initiative of two grassroots organizations in Akko: the Educators Kibbutz and Akko Women’s Vision. The two organizations have been working to spark increased community involvement and a new creativity among the city’s 50,000 residents, who are one-third Arab and two-thirds Jewish.

Rising Voices Fellow, Mica Maltzman, celebrating Shabbat at her sleep-away camp.

In the Image of God?

In my crafted Jewish identity, there is not a space carved out for God; instead I have chosen to define my Judaism by my bonds to various Jewish communities.

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A recorded conversation with Joy Ladin at Washington’s DCJCC. She’s wonderfully instructive, sometimes in deeply poignant ways; listen carefully here when she describes, among other things, the plight of transgender teens and their very basic need for shelter. 

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