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September 29, 2014 by

Introducing “Excuse Me” Mondays

Introducing Excuse Me Mondays, a new illustrated advice column about minutiae. Installments will be posted here every other Monday. It is launching just in time for Yom Kippur, when we question our own behavior, and it will live, we hope, a long, happy, beady-eyed, neurotic life.


Liana Finck’s graphic novel is called A Bintel Brief. She writes and draws a monthly column for The Forward and her cartoons appear irregularly in The New Yorker. She often thinks about the age-old question: fight, or flight?


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  • Philip Hill

    This got under my skin like a nice tick you once precociously invited to a picnic… I feel tickled and cajoled into being an ardent fan. Please don’t start a lingerie fashion trend for Bintel Briefs.

  • Tsy in Shanghai

    Maybe the fifty-something man was very OCD and was challenged by the stress of the crowding? That doesn’t excuse his rudeness but sometimes behaviors some would find rude may have an explanation.

  • Hymie

    Sounds like OCD. There’s no effective reply. It’s bad luck – he’s the shlemiel, you (I’m sorry), were (it’s not permanent dear) the shlimazel. Try not to obsess yourownself.