R.L. Maizes

Rose Gold

Restoring the jewelry from her mother’s last day.

earringsWhen Hannah, my mother, got dressed on the morning of August 31, 2002, and put on a rose gold ring and earrings, both decorated with ruby and diamond chips, I imagine she thought of her own mother, the original owner of the set. It was festive jewelry for a festive day, each piece shaped like a small art deco fan. The rabbi’s son was celebrating his bar mitzvah across town. Carrying beige pumps, my mother walked three miles in white sneakers to the Los Angeles synagogue because she didn’t drive on the Sabbath. Her salon-dyed blonde hair was teased. Her white Anne Klein suit, bought on sale at Ross, brushed her ankles. On her way home, in a crosswalk one block from her apartment on Avenue of the Stars, a bus slammed into her. The ring scraped against the black asphalt. An earring was crushed under her facial bones.

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