by Sherry Chayat

JAP-Baiting on the College Scene

The stereotype of the JAP—the Jewish American Princess—is a relatively new phenomenon, emerging after years of Jewish Mother jokes and slurs. But whereas the Jewish Mother has been lampooned as overanxious, overprotective, and overbearing, her vast capacity for love and self-sacrifice, albeit guilt producing, has given these jokes an inner core of tenderness; the mockery has been more rueful than vilifying. And perhaps more importantly, although the Jewish Mother has become part of American folklore, jokes about her have been geared toward a predominantly Jewish audience. [The perniciousness of the stereotype, however, can be seen in the events surrounding the firing of an older Jewish woman, chronicled in these pages—Ed.]

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“JAP”-Baiting on the College Scene

The articles in this special section:

JAP-Baiting on the College Scene

by Sherry Chayat

An epidemic of graffiti, an explosion of verbal abuse in public places, women afraid to stand up in a football stadium because of the catcalls. The place is the college campus. The target is the "Jewish American Princess."

The Graffiti Wars

by Judith Allen Rubenstein

How faculty, students, and administration responded to the spring offensive against Jewish women on one campus.

Blazes of Truth

by Susan Schnur

Frigid/promiscuous, dependent/aggressive—-students grapple with the contradictions of the "JAP" myth. Plus: Francince Klagsbrun on why the anti-Semitic "JAP" stereotype is popular among Jews now.

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    Was this article written by Shinge Roko Sherry Chayat Roshi? Or a different Sherry Chayat? Thank you