Edna Ferber

Edna Ferber and Fannie Hurst: Blockbuster Jewish Novelists of Another Time

In their heyday during the 1920s and 1930s, Edna Ferber and Fannie Hurst enjoyed tremendous popularity but fell into relative obscurity soon after their deaths in 1968. With a decidedly Jewish sensibility, both of these women tell stories to inspire compassion and empathy about social issues–from body image to opioid abuse, from women’s roles to racism and the treatment of immigrants–startlingly relevant today.

An Unlikely Ballerina

The Book That Teaches Children About a Jewish Prima Ballerina

Lily falls in love with ballet—but can this fragile girl ever become a serious dancer? Fiction Editor (and lifelong balletomane) talks to author Krystyna Poray Goddu about her informative and charming new picture book.


Five Quotes That Will Increase Your Chutzpah

“We need hope, the ingredient that keeps us going when we might otherwise quit. And don’t forget the fun.”

repro justice

Five Things You Can Do Right Now for Abortion Rights

Read up on (and spread awareness of) what it will look like in a post-Roe world.

Extra-legal abortions will look different from what they did in the 1970s.


When an Accused Sexual Harasser is an Academic Superstar

To what extent will we able to separate the research from the researcher, and should we? With what sort of contextualizing footnotes do we now cite his work?

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