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A Forgotten Lillian Hellman Play That Deserves Another Chance

 The play turns out to be a complicated but riveting drama that explores the issues of money and morality, family relationships, social justice and women’s place in society—issues that Hellman often pursued in her writing and that resonate today.

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Why I Didn’t Talk for The Duration of Yom Kippur

I permitted myself the luxury of not feeling forced into small talk banalities about hunger, achy feet, boredom, religious disagreements.

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When You Say #MeToo, What Dangers Lurk?

Radical empathy will let us see past the surface and imagine the various steps that a person in crisis must take. In the case of a high-profile #MeToo accuser, these could include costs like hiring lawyers, losing time from work, paying for cross-country flights to testify. 

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Sorry Brett Kavanaugh: Religious Women Use Birth Control

Why does this matter? Because this is part of a pattern of male religious leaders drowning out the voices and experiences of religious women.

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A Prayer to Forgive Yourself on Yom Kippur

For demanding gender roles of others, intentionally or unintentionally, passing judgement on someone’s appearance to assume their capabilities and hurting feelings in the process 

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